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This Freelance thing and my books…Another Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

Hey party people!

So, I am doing an AMA tomorrow night at 7pm EST. I will be answering questions about my freelance/ghostwriting career.

So, what’s this all about anyway? Well for starters, AMAfeed is a great site I have become addicted to. Not only can you run your own AMAs but there are some fascinating people doing other AMAs on there about all sorts of stuff. My favorite channel is the science channel.

Right now, I am seeing my dreams slowly start to come true as I get more freelance clients and get more work done on my books. It’s amazing. It’s something I always put off and Steven always gently tried to push me forward but I never felt good enough. I still struggle with that feeling but I push through it anyway and look at what happens when you do!

What’s the deal with my books? Well, I’m glad you asked! I am currently writing two books. One about the first year of my grief and the other is a fiction book about a Widow who discovers the ability to travel back in time.

I HOPE THEY HAVE EMAIL IN THE AFTERLIFE (click here to pre-order)

I am writing this book because in the grip of my deepest grief at the beginning, all I wanted was to find raw validation from others around the same time in their process. The thing is, most people aren’t able to really write anything until they have progressed pretty far in their grief.

I definitely found this to be true but the thing I realized is that I did write little snippets of things here and there. I wrote emails and poetry, prose and tantrums, Facebook posts and texts. This is a collection of every raw word I wrote during that time. I hope to help somebody who is reaching out for this kind of validation.

THE WIDOW’S CLOCK (click here to pre-order)

The Widow’s Clock is a fictional book about a widow who travels back in time after a broken clock that belonged to her late husband starts working again. She uses this new gift to try to save her husband and learns about life and death in the process. This is my passion project right now and I plan to have it out by Christmas.

This life is amazing, even with all the pain and heartache from grief and other challenges. I am feeling myself continuing to morph and transform into somebody new. And you know what? I hope that never stops. I’m finding that it is the fun of life. Never stop changing.

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