As I journey through this thing called grief, I have the following two books in me that are slowly coming out. I gave unrealistic deadlines early in my grief, not letting myself be human and not taking the grief brain and concentration thing into account. So, currently there are no set deadlines but I am aiming for 2021 for both of them.

My first book is about the first year of my grief after my husband died suddenly from sepsis. It’s called, I Hope They Have Email in the Afterlife: Musings, Texts, Breakdowns, Emails, Poetry and Social Media Messages from a Widow in Her First Year. 

I am also writing a fictional book called The Widow’s Clock about a widow who travels back in time after a broken clock that belonged to her late husband starts working again. She uses this new gift to try to save her husband and learns about life and death in the process. This is my passion. It’s my baby. It’s a project that I have been nurturing for a long while and I look forward to getting it out there.

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