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    Back in Black: Book Update and Spam

    Hello! It has been a while. I had to deal with some things and had a couple of huge projects come my way that needed my full attention but now I’m back in a big way and I have some updates and a few widow thoughts. First of all, I’m giving a firm date for my book, I Hope They Have Email in the Afterlife. October 26th is the big day and I am sticking to it. This is it. This is the month. This book needs to get out of me and I want to get it out there. A quick summary: In the grip of my deepest grief,…

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    This Freelance thing and my books…Another Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

    Hey party people! So, I am doing an AMA tomorrow night at 7pm EST. I will be answering questions about my freelance/ghostwriting career. So, what’s this all about anyway? Well for starters, AMAfeed is a great site I have become addicted to. Not only can you run your own AMAs but there are some fascinating people doing other AMAs on there about all sorts of stuff. My favorite channel is the science channel. Right now, I am seeing my dreams slowly start to come true as I get more freelance clients and get more work done on my books. It’s amazing. It’s something I always put off and Steven always…