I am currently taking pre-orders for my first two books; details below. I’m self-publishing these books because, well, why not? By pre-ordering you will help me be able to put more focus on my books and this blog, as well as guest posting. The money will also go towards hiring a cover artist and an editor. Both books will be available in ebook or paperback form.

If you are not wanting to do a full pre-order, another option is to be a patron of my site for $1 a month. No presh, though.

My first book is about the first year of my grief after my husband died suddenly from sepsis. It’s called, I Hope They Have Email in the Afterlife: Musings, Texts, Breakdowns, Emails, Poetry and Social Media Messages from a Widow in Her First Year. Publishing date to be announced as I work through some unexpected things. Those things. You know, those things that life throws your way to make sure you’re paying attention.

I am also writing a fictional book called The Widow’s Clock about a widow who travels back in time after a broken clock that belonged to her late husband starts working again. She uses this new gift to try to save her husband and learns about life and death in the process. This is my passion and I hope to have it out in 2018. It’s a project that I have been nurturing for over a year.

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