Write what you know. That’s what they say. Right now, what I know most is being a widow. It’s an experience that blasts you from the inside out like an atom bomb and leaves you in total devastation. You have to rebuild yourself. You become somebody completely different. You see the world through different eyes. It is transformative and as you go through it, it is the dominating force in your life. And you know what? It’s making me a better writer.

I am chasing my dreams of being a freelance writer, as myself. No more behind the scenes writing for me. I have a lot to share with the world. My blog and writings aren’t going to be solely focused on being a widow. As I continue to transform and gain new experiences and my life changes in new ways, I will write about those things, all of them, as I embrace them and learn from them. So, please, do not think of me as only a ‘widow’ writer. I am a writer of all things.

I do have to get a lot out about the pain of grief but there is so much else that will come out alongside that. It just so happens that the most dominating force in my life wants out there the most right now.

Welcome to my new world. I hope you stay and see how reality means nothing and life is truly as short as the platitude says. I want to enjoy every second I have left, for me and in the memory of my husband. I hope you get something out of it, as well.

More about me: Aside from being a widow, I also love stand-up comedy and will be embarking on going for that lifelong dream very soon. I love to make jewelry and try to play the violin. Martial arts and yoga are both close to my heart and I have a huge crush on Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I’m kind of awesome and if you don’t think so, I feel sad that you are missing out. I am working on not taking things so personally anymore. I used to be incredibly sensitive and I’m learning that life is so much better when you realize other people’s problems with you are their own problem, not yours (unless you actually do something shitty, then you should really apologize).

This is me. All of me and I’m not reluctant about that anymore. Thank you for stopping by!